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Oriental dance, also known as Raqs Sharki (‘Belly Dance’),  is a beautiful way for all women to explore their creativity; find a way of self-expression, and rediscover their feminine power.

It is a dance for everyone from all walks of life; irrespective of age, shape, size, culture, social background or religion.  Akasha Raqs provides a safe, nurturing and fun learning environment for students.

Specialist training that Belly dance students can look forward to include Egyptian Oriental, Classical Egyptian, Sharqi, Baladi (the ULTIMATE womans dance), Raqs Assaya (Egyptian stick dancing based on the Martial art style of Tagtib), Saidi and Fellahi (Folklore from Upper Egypt), Khaleegy (Womens hair dance from the Persian Gulf), Ghawazee (Egyptian ROM), Sha’abi (including Al-Jeel and Rai), Reda Style (Egyptian Theatre dance), Zagat (finger cymbals), Hagallah and much more.

With an extensive dance back round in multi genre dance art, including Ballet, Modern Dance, Contemporary Dance, Latin American, Ballroom dance, and Mpantsula, Akasha includes aspects of these wonderful dance styles in her class warm up and warm downs, adding that little bit extra to the dance class. Her teaching style focuses on Body safe dance technique to ensure not only the safety of her students, but also getting the most out of their dance.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right?

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Watch Akasha Perform – YouTube Links

2008 – Akasha and Nadia Performs at IODF

Quanun Taqsim 2011

Saddakt Khalas 2011

Al Kalam Ala Meen 2012

Akasha teaching session Cape Town 2014

2017 – Akasha Performs Taqsim Ya Baladi at the Theatre Oriental Dance Festival in Cape Town


Ava is a most splendid dancer. She invokes true authenticity, while being original and avoiding all cliche. What is less important than my opinion is what I have observed in others. People who watch or have watched Ava perform seem to have been affected irrevocably. These lucky ones speak of her as something otherworldly, yet completely emotional, provoking the joy of dance that they strive for in their own practice. Yes despite all this praise she has received from others, Ava is always in the front row of every class, trying to learn and advance with every opportunity. She inspires Inspiration.

Karim Nagi